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My Vision

"My vision is that of a Total Doberman."

I got my first Doberman in 1973 after much research into working breeds. An acquaintance had befriended my Standard Schnauzer with the intent of entering my home while I was away and had repeatedly stolen my belongings and I was determined this would not happen again! Rebholzer Dobermans came into being a few years later when I bred my first litter~ how Much I have learned since then!My goal is to produce Dobermans that can do it all: Conformation, Obedience, Schutzhund/IPO, Agility, Therapy work,dock diving, barn hunt, Search & Rescue, Ringsport........but most of all be a companion who is a joy to have around and stable enough to go anywhere, do anything!

I have been breeding selectively on a very limited basis since 1976, usually when ready to keep another to continue on with. Proper temperament and correct structure coupled with full health testing are my criteria in planning these limited breedings. As with all our dogs, litters are born and raised in our home and receive extensive evaluation, socialization and imprinting. This not only assures that each puppy achieves it's full potential during this critical period but allows for the best pairing of puppies and their new homes. In 1989 I started all my dogs on a home prepared natural diet and over the years this has evolved to a broader scope of natural rearing and care. Puppies are carefully placed into homes where I continue to get feedback on all aspects of the dogs throughout their lifetime, since this information is critical to the future of the breeding program.

Baby Shimmer snuggling with mom, CajunOur dogs are house dogs who are involved in our everyday lives. First and foremost they are family. The training we do together is what keeps these intelligent and active working dogs fulfilled while strengthening our bond and adding to our enjoyment of each other.

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