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Rebholzer Right As Rain

March 8, 2008 - September 16, 2015
Lost to Cardio

Irinland Eros Eratos BH IPO1 ZTP V1A x UKC pt'd Anew Les Deux Peupliers BH T1 WAC ATT CGC

Hammer is the first puppy from one of my infrequent litters that I didn't keep to show, to train or to use in my breeding program.....
I kept him to be a buddy and housedog. We chose each other when he was no more than a handful of big bone and loose skin and simply holding him made my heart sing! Those who know me will confirm that I especially enjoy working my females but I am the first to admit that I really don't like to be without a male, too. With no pressures of his being any more than a buddy we are free to relax, play and hang out. This was further fated when he injured his knee at less than a year old and eventually underwent a surgical repair for a complete tear of the cranial cruciate ligament.










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