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"The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be."
Konrad Lorenz
Man Meets Dog


Rebholzer Live Wire B SchHIII T3 CD D-CD OB1 STT WAC VC CGC TD, Inc
February 1, 1993- July 11, 2007

I am very proud to have bred and trained this fun and personality-packed dog. She was my best friend and a great teacher and confidant.

In August of 2001 at the UDC Canadian Regionals, at 8 1/2 years young, Shimmer completed her D-CD, winning 3rd place with a score of 194. She also passed her STT (UDC Sport Temperament Test) with yet another pronounced rating. At the UDC Nationals in Seekonk, MA in May of 2002, Shimmer and I entered the Obedience 1 competition just for the fun of once again trialing together. She apparently enjoyed it as much as I did as she really strutted her stuff and ended up taking High Scoring OB1 with 93 points. She certainly didn't look or act her 9+ years back then!

Shimmer continued her "working" career as a senior. She was certified by Therapy Dogs, Inc. She was able put her charm, wit and social nature to work with people in various nursing homes, schools and hospitals. She intuitively knew when somebody needed her loving and gentle attention. Both her sire and her dam's sire dedicated themselves to this duty as well so it was a natural progression after retirement from more vigorous hobbies.


Veedoc's Beck von Landotz SchH/VPG2 STT WAC CGC
Int.CH. Graaf Vito v. Neerlands Stam IPO3 SchH3 X Olivia de Covalta BH AD
January10, 1999 - July12, 2007 (cardio)

Beck came to me as a very gangly 13 month old from a conformation show home in Florida's flatlands. He had a lot of basic lessons to learn, starting with learning about body awareness and controlling it as well as the fact that in Vermont, the earth is NOT flat! After allowing him time to "find himself" and doing some necessary physical and mental maturing, we began laying the foundation for his working program. Although a slow process, the benefits from not rushing his training had proven to be well worth the time and effort.

Beck's temperament was the epitome of what a Doberman is supposed to be. He WAS the standard. Not only was he a joy to work with in the sport, he was also the kind of dog I wanted beside me walking down dark alleys. He possessed a great love of working AND he wanted more than anything -more than any toy or any treat, to please me, his handler, friend and pack leader. We were a team and we had so much fun working together. His exhuberance and love of life in general and work in particular, caused many smiles and laughter, not only from me but from those who trained with us.
If I had to sum him up in just a few words I would say of Beck, "he was an honest dog". It just might be what I loved most about him.


Rebholzer Deja Vu BH WAC CGC
May 15, 1996 - November 16, 2006 (cancer)

CH. Cara's Talon SchH1 CD ROM TDI VCX x Montwood Hotspice v. Rebholz BH D-CD T1 CGC VC

Deja loved to work and play and was always very physical in everything she did. I called her my Tomboy since Day One. When she was young the club joke was guessing whether she would go into heat or turn out to be a boy after all! Watching her on the sport field always made one wonder..........







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