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Doberman Breeders

First things first! Start by knowing what makes a responsible breeder and then how to go about finding the right one for you. If you have questions be sure to check out the following link first-do your homework!
Checklist for responsible breeders

Dobermannzwinger vom Aurachgrund
Black Ballerina Dobermanns
Covalta Kennels
Dobermann-Di Matario
Feliadae vom Residenzschloss
Dobermannkennel vom harten Kern
Dobermannzwinger von der Horringhauser Höh
Incredible Dobermans
Kennel Oncemore
Wittrock Dobermans

Rebholzer dogs elsewhere on the Web

UDC CH. Rebholzer High Intensity, FR 1, B, FFB, WAC, VC, CGC, Therapy Dog
Rebholzer Spirit Rain

Rearing and Training

Puppy development-Sensory, Emotional, and Social Development of the Young Dog
Dr.P's Dog Training-A whole lot of articles & links
Michael Ellis' training school

Diet, Health and Veterinary issues

CHIC registry-Canine Health Information Center
Working K9 Services -Veterinary services & equipment from a dogsport competitor
Shirley's Wellness Cafe - A HUGE reference source on holistic care & optimum pet nutrition.
Marina Zacharias -Natural Rearing information
Loads of BARF diet info
The Wholistic Pet-A great selection of holistic pet care products & supplements

Encouraging all pet owners to be well-educated, responsible pet owners. You make the decisions therefore your pets' lives are in YOUR hands

Orthomolecular Medicine,Dr. Belfield - The role of Vitamin C & other vitamins in pet health
AltVetMed-Complementary and alternative veterinary medicine
Animal chiropractor referral page- Find a K-9 chiropractor
Directory of Holistic Veterinarians
VetInfo-alphabetized listing of Vet info for dog owners
Merck Medical Manual- THE reference! Complete & online.
Guelph Cardiomyopathy Study-Holter Monitor study program, sign up today!
Poison Hotline
Animal CPR- download-able Brochure.
OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
VetGen for Dogs-DNA testing for hereditary disorders


Dogs & The Law

DogWatch-Updates on Breed Specific Legislature worldwide.
Breed Specific Legislation sample letters -Voice your opinions to your governing officials!
Council on Docked Breeds-U.K. based, lots of info supporting the right to dock tails.
National Animal Interest Alliance -Promoting animal welfare while guarding against PETA/HSUS agendas!

Breed & Working Dog Organizations

United Doberman Club
Vermont Total Doberman Club
VTDC on Facebook
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
American Kennel Club
Doberman Pinscher Club of Canada
Dobermann Verein
DVG America All Breed Schutzhund Club
Schutzhund USA
American Working Dog Federation
North American Ring Assn.

Other Fun Activities

Clean Run Agility site
Dock Dogs Homepage- a refreshing new sport
Flyball Home Page
Rally-O - A brief overview
Therapy Dogs Inc.- Therapy Dog Registry started by Dobe lovers.

Doberman Related Sites

Dobertoons cartoons - these are great-be sure to check them out!
Working Dobermann Forum-Discussion Board
Euro Dobermann- Interesting and informative info & Links
Dobermann Review- On line Dobermann Magazine
Pupshine Gallery-Wonderful works of Dobermans and more!
Dobermann~Sport und Zucht
DPCA Color Chart
AKC Doberman Standard
FCI Dobermann Standard

Miscellaneous Dog Info Pages

Info Dog-calendar of upcoming AKC show/agility events



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