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All our dogs are housedogs!
Puppies are born and raised in the house as part of the family and receive ongoing imprinting, socialization and assessment. My life revolves around mother and puppies until all are in their lifetime homes and although this is no small task the rewards seen as the pups develop is readily apparent.
This ongoing observation and evaluation allows me to best match the right puppy to the lifestyle and requirements of the new home.


No litters are planned at this time



C-Amos vom Haus Mann                    Rebholzer Bad Moon Rising
The 2018 pairing of these 2 dogs produced a very uniform litter of outstanding pups and we were saddened to not be able to repeat it in 2019 but we're excited as we watch these pups mature! The breeding was carefully chosen to couple health with stability and strong working drives and is proving to easily have met these criteria .At nearly 9 years old Amos went on to add an FH and VC to his accomplishments and continued to maintain completely normal thyroid and heart values. For her part, Pepper also continues to ace her full health testing with all normal and clear results. She is 3rd generation raw-diet reared, as was her litter as we very strongly believe in Natural Rearing for the optimum health and vigor of the Doberman.
At this time there are no future Rebholzer breedings planned .






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